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Use these emojis often! Thank you AAP!


Love it. The emojis are all adorable!

Made a fun spring

I still like keeping an eye on this family!



So cute!

So cute and I can use anywhere! Thank you!

Love it!

Love them. I just wish I could use them on Facebook instead of just in text msgs.

Love It!!!

This is a great App! I love being able to share my favorite animal with my friends in messages & such. Thank you for this!! I have Giraffes everywhere.


I love these . I use them whenever I can:


Love supporting the endangered species love giraffes I don't have Facebook so it hasn't affected me that way very much enjoy the emoji's thank you


Love these. Use them for text messages. There are lots of things you can put on Facebook. No problem. My "text friends" are thrilled

Love it!

Love it!

Hmmm. :(

I bought the emoji because they're adorable and to support AAP. However, I may have to delete them because I'm NOT letting them be able to post my private information, so it keeps popping up and I keep having to close it in order to post any other emoji.

Love this App!!!

I have had such a good time watching April and Oliver and using the emoji Thank you Animal Adventure Park


Not happy with the way the giraffemoji has screwed up my texting and typing to others. I've tried to delete but no go :/

Giraffe emoji app

Love this app! I love April, Oliver, and the baby, so when I saw this app, I had to get it !


Wsnt let me do anything messed up my messsges and messenger hsve to uninstall glad didnt cosy alot disappointed .

Cute but not many

Adorable emojis but there aren't very many of them.

Giraffe emoji

Love the mother and baby emoji the best!

All access?!

You all can see all of my information?! I dont think so fix it or want my money back

How cute!

I texting everyone on my contact list 💋

Love this app

Thank you Animal Adventure Park for creating this app, and for allowing us to follow April's pregnancy and witness the birth of her new baby!

Too Cute!

This has been the best app for expressing things happening with April the Giraffe! Only one problem, and I think that it's on Face Book and not with the app itself. It does not play the baby giraffe being born!! Other than that it's a cute app!

Cannot use it

Bought it, went to store to add it to my stickers it's not there.


Love Love Love it

Sharing the moment

Thank you animal adventure park for letting us all share in the joy of the little addition!!! Love the app love the gifs


Excellent app. Fun to use to update friends on April's progress.

Love my April and Oliver & baby to come

They've brought much joy when I needed it. Everyone buy one to help them! The whole gang you are the best! Thank you!

Thank you Animal Adventure Park!

Thank you to Animal Adventure Park for bringing us the live cam and lots of great, informative, videos! I've always loved giraffes and to be able to watch April's progress and learn more about her habits and behaviors is fun! I love, love, love my new emojis!! I've been using the emojis all over the place and I think I'll go ahead and take a screen shot of one for my profile pics!

Needs more content

Disappointed in the selection of images. Thought there would be more to this- especially since it wasn't free.

It's ok

It's OK. Super cute stickers but it's not user friendly. I want to use it just like any other emoji but it's not as easy as the others. ( And they were free) so bummed I paid and it's not user friendly.

Too much info...scary!

I thought these were adorable until they told you they would have access to all your messages which might include personal information you would not want shared. Needless to say I've deleted it, hopefully not too late!!


Works perfectly

Great fun

I just had to get this app. This is so much fun watching and sharing with everyone. I so want to come visit Oliver, April and the new baby


Really I have no need for this app but I am caught up in the April / baby craz. I can't wait to use the one when she delivers. It's a great cause and I have enjoyed the whole process.

Do not bother TRUST ME

I love April and really wanted thus to work. IT DOES NOT

So Cute :)

Love it 👍🏻


Love them but would like to have them on my iPad too!

So Cute

Happy I purchased these to use for our beautiful April❤

Thank you!

What a great idea! A great way to share in the fun and the happiness while waiting for April to give birth!!


Just love the emoij's

Problem with app

This does not let me post anything without you guy getting a bunch of info. An i payed for it to . An something has to be done pls change it so i can get access to what i paid for .


It will not allow interface with any of my keyboards on Facebook or messenger or text unless I give full access to my credit card information etc. Not happening.


I love it!!!

I can't get it to work in FaceBook.

I followed all directions to load but when in FB and I tap on a giraffe emoji it shows SEND and I tap, then it says "copied" but it won't paste anywhere. Not even here😩


But I can't get it to work and can't install it. I had it installed, but it went away and is pretty much a waste of money. I'll consider it a small donation.

Love the app

I love the emojis. I've never been so invested in a pregnant giraffe!!! Still having fun with.these after 37 days watching!!

Can't use it

I have tried to figure out how to use this app can't figure it out so it's of no use☹️

Mrs Judicoo

So cute!

As the world waits

If I could give more than 5 stars, I would definitely do so! What a wonderful way to support and bring attention to an endangered species! As a Biology major, I'm thrilled to see the efforts of The Animal Adventure Park Zoo promoting the importance of the conservation of the Giraffe!

Giraffe Emoji

Cute app, not using the keyboard cuz it's cumbersome, but the little pics are adorable! I'm glad to help a good cause!!

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